IntelliMerge Jumps The Mac OS X Hurdle

Intelli Innovations has announced that IntelliMerge for Mac OS X is now available. IntelliMerge is e-mail merge software. According to Intelli:

Intelli Innovations today announced IntelliMerge, dynamic e-mail merge software designed to simplify keeping in touch with customers, family, and friends. IntelliMerge features an integrated message editor, recipient database system, and message mailer; all thatis needed to manage contacts, create personalized e-mail messages, and send them out over the Internet.

After an extensive test period for real-world testing, IntelliMerge has today reached Golden Master, shipping status. From sending out newsletters, offers, support information, invoices, order information, invitations, and press releases (like this one!), IntelliMerge offers a friendly way to contact anyone, customizing each message for you automatically, with ease.

IntelliMerge 1.0 features include:

  • Drag-and-drop message editor - drag merge fields into your e-mail with a simple drag
  • 100% Carbonized preview version for Mac OS X
  • Integrated recipient database system manages contacts
  • Instant duplicate checker removes invalid entries by highlighting them
  • Easily imports from AppleWorks, FileMaker Pro, or other database solutions
  • Customizable fields let the
  • Built-in mailer program sends merged messages via SMTP quickly
  • Conditional statements allow the user to include or omit entire sections from the body of the message
  • Distributive message handling lets IntelliMerge use multiple SMTP servers to send out larger mailings
  • Recipient lists can store anywhere from 1 to 800,000 recipients without requiring additional memory - allowing IntelliMerge to take on any job, from a church newsletter, small business press release, or news and information from a large company

IntelliMerge is available for US$59.99, with competitive upgrades available. You can find more information at Intelliis site.