IntelliScanner: Asset Tagging For The Rest of Us

The IntelliScanner mini for Macs (and PCs) is now shipping. The small, handheld device allows the user to scan barcoded property items, generate product information, and transmit the data to a database for personal or business asset tagging.

"IntelliScanner miniis five included programs help automatically organize collections and home assets. By scanning the barcode with IntelliScanner mini or entering title information for the item, IntelliScanner applications search Internet databases for detailed product information," the announcement said.


For those items without a barcode, packs of adhesive, polyester, pre-printed barcode tags can be purchased. Packs of 100, 250, and 500 are US$24, $48, and $79 respectively. These can be either stuck to the item, stuck to, say, an index card and placed inside, or a hole can be punched in the tag and attached to the item without damaging it.

The IntelliScanner mini is immediately available and is priced at US$299.00.