Intelligent Assistant GREAT visualFX for Final Cut Pro Now Shipping

Intelligent Assistance, Inc. is now shipping GREAT visualFX for Final Cut Pro users. The Intelligent Assistant line of plug-ins are designed for helping new users become acquainted with the ins-and-outs of the video apps. GREAT visualFX shows users how to make professional grade effects like those found on broadcast shows. According to Intelligent Assistance:

Intelligent Assistance started shipping GREAT visualFX for Final Cut Pro #1 - the first compositing tutorials for Apple Final Cut Pro.

With GREAT visualFX you recreate 17 commercial TV visualFX including a "Transporter" effect using only the features and filters supplied with Final Cut Pro. Follow the tutorial movies and recreate the effect exactly like it is on TV, or, study whatis being done and learn the secrets to nesting, composite modes, animation, chroma key, extracting mattes and much more of Final Cut Prois advanced compositing interface.

You can find more information about the GREAT visualFX release at the Intelligent Assistance, Inc. Web site. The Intelligent Assistants are available starting at US$65.00.