Intelligent Assistant KILLER Titles for Final Cut Pro Now Shipping

Intelligent Assistance, Inc. is now shipping KILLER Titles for Final Cut Pro users. The Intelligent Assistant line of plug-ins are designed for coaching users through various aspects of the video editing app. KILLER Titles focuses on FCPis titling generators including LiveType and Boris Calligraphy. According to Intelligent Assistance:

Intelligent Assistance announced today KILLER Titles - Intelligent Assistance for LiveType and Calligraphy, a complete coaching and knowledge tool for creating unique and innovative titles with Appleis LiveType and the Boris Calligraphy Generators.

Based on customer feedback, KILLER Titles takes an improved approach: work through any of the 37 tutorials or learn with the useris own projects. While working on your own projects KILLER Titles delivers just-in-time, just-enough, coaching while you work - the approach that has made Intelligent Assistance the most valuable support tool available.

KILLER Titles is more visual with more movies than earlier products - every one of the 180 plus How2s is available as movies and text. KILLER Titles is fully searchable and delivered where itis needed - over the application using Intelligent Assistanceis unique floating interface.

KILLER Titles is a comprehensive knowledge tool for Appleis LiveType application (included as with Final Cut Pro 4) and the Boris Calligraphy Generators (bundled with Final Cut Pro 3 and 4). KILLER Titles comprehensively explains the when and why of which tool to use.

You can find more information about the KILLER Titles release at the Intelligent Assistance, Inc. Web site. KILLER Titles is available for US$60.00 until July 31st.