InterMapper 3.5 Beta For OS X Available

Dartware has released a new version of their network visualization software, InterMapper. Version 3.5b1 is compatible with Mac OS X and allows users to have a visual depiction of their network and all connected components. According to Dartware:

A short note to announce the availability of our first beta-test version of InterMapper for MacOS X and Classic MacOS. The major changes to InterMapper 3.5 include:

  • OS X compatibility
  • Custom SNMP probes to allow testing new devices
  • New probes, including Cisco and HTTPS
  • Numerous small features and bug fixes.

InterMapper is a network monitoring and alerting program that watches over the network and the servers connected to it, and notifies the network manager when there are problems.

The InterMapper 3.5 beta is available for free. You can find more information at the InterMapper Web site.