InterMapper And InterMapperRemote Updated With Unlimited OIDs Support

Dartware, LLC has released updates for InterMapper and InterMapper Remote, bringing them to version 4.0.2. InterMapper is a network monitor designed for the checking and alerting of network service levels. InterMapper Remote is a remote viewer that works with in tandem with InterMapper for real-time, animated views of InterMapper maps. The update features several enhancements including unlimited OIDs support. According to Dartware:

A quick note to say that our InterMapper(R) 4.0.2 network monitoring application, and its companion viewer and configuration tool, InterMapper Remote(tm) 4.0.2, are now available.

This version features:

  • Support for an unlimited number of OIDs in custom SNMP probes
  • Custom SNMP probes can now handle OIDs of type "TimeTicks"
  • Numeric Paging
  • InterMapper Remote now supports a Find command that searches the visible labels of a map
  • There are preferences for saving maps automatically when quitting and for creating an alias in the Startup Items
  • Printing large maps will now span multiple pages of paper
  • Cmd-shift-I (Ctl-shift-i) will open the popup status window for the selected device. Thereis also a "Status window" command in the control/right click contextual menu
  • RedHat, Mandrake, and YellowDog Linux versions are now available
  • Many bug fixes and minor enhancements

You can find more information about the InterMapper and InterMapper Remote updates at the Dartware Web site. InterMapper is available starting at US$295.00, and InterMapper Remote is available for US$195.00.