Internal Builds Of X Show More Imporvement, iTunes Now Compatible

Our good friend, and X junkie Wincent Colaiuta, has got his hands on another internal OS X build, and is even more impressed with this one. The last build of OS X, 4K60, is said to be far more stable than the previous 4K56 build, and once again includes support for FireWire devices. is also offering a look at a Carbonized version of Appleis wildly popular music application, iTunes. According to

After our little iTunes coup earlier today we have barely any energy left at all to devote to writing up 4K60 - the latest OS X build that weive had the pleasure of examining here on but here it is, and we can say with utmost certainty that this is the most reassuring build from Apple that weive yet seen.

Mr. Colaiuta has had so many updates this weekend that we suggest you head over to the front page for a full list of available OS X news.