Interoute Supports QuickTime Across Network; 1 Billion QuickTime Downloads

Voice and data networking firm Interoute announced Monday full support for Apple Comptueris QuickTime 7 multimedia platform, including deployment of QuickTime Streaming Server across its network for "distribution of stunning, and highly scalable, digital content." Apple also announced that there have been over one billion QuickTime downloads.

Interoute is a European-based networking company that provides backbone services for other carriers, and operates its own city-wide networks throughout Europe. According to James Kinsella, Interouteis Executive Chairman, it was the H.264 video codec that helped seal the deal.

"We are delighted to offer QuickTime 7 to our customers," said Mr. Kinsella. "The overall quality of the new H.264/AVC Video in QuickTime 7 is tremendous and made this a very easy choice. We see a huge opportunity with QuickTime 7 providing the foundation for us to deliver standards-based MPEG-4 and 3G content to our customers."

As part of the announcement, Frank Casanova, QuickTime head honcho at Apple, announced that there have been more than one billion QuickTime downloads.

"With over a billion copies of QuickTime downloaded itis clear that high quality, standards-based streaming is what companies want to offer their customers around the world," said Mr. Casanova, Appleis senior director, Mac OS X Audio & Video. "Weire thrilled Interoute will utilize the superb H.264-enabled video capabilities of QuickTime 7 and the scalability of QuickTime Streaming Server to change the way users experience video on their computers and mobile phones."

QuickTime is included with iTunes downloads, just as iTunes itself is included when Windows users install QuickTime. This means that the popularity of iTunes has also meant a big boost to QuickTime. The one billion figure most likely includes all versions of QuickTime, including updates for each version.