Introducing Windows CEMeNT, The Next Great Operating System (With Pic)

The Linux camp has produced a delightful piece of satire aimed at our friends in Redmond. Woolley has posted an image designed to look like a Microsoft ad that says "Microsoft has combined the strengths of its thee most powerful operating systems to create its next generation operating system." Combining Windows Ce, Windows Me, and Windows NT, the new OS is called Windows CEMeNT. Itis as hard as a rock and dumb as a brick. From Mr. Woolåleyis site:

Iive heard many stories of techies around the world posting this in their local work areas and can imagine that this is happening even at Microsoft. I am not directly slandering the company or any of the products, just a totally fictional construct of my own.

Disclaimer: Windows CE, Windows ME, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft. "Windows CEMENT" is nothing more than a fictional creation and any resemblance to any past, present, or future trademarked product is purely coincidental.

Click for a larger view.

Mr. Woolley has given other sites permission to post his art, but he asks for e-mail feedback. With 153,951 people (at press time) having visited his page since January 22nd (5:00 PM), he is probably getting lots of that, but we encourage you to add to it.