Iomega To Use Mindvision's Installer VISE

Mindvision has announced that Iomega, makers of the popular ZIP and Jazz drives, will be using their Installer VISE program for both their Windows and Mac products. According to Mindvision:

MindVision Software today announced its latest customer, Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data management solutions, has utilized Installer VISE (Visual Installer Setup Environment) for their Macintosh and Windows installer needs.

Iomega also turned to Installer VISE because of its multiple language support. It allowed Iomega to release its IomegaWare software in 12 different languages to support consumers worldwide. The maturity of Installer VISEis language support was a needed solution for Iomega while other worldwide companies such as Apple Computer and Microsoft have relied on MindVisionis multiple language support for years.

About Installer VISE
Installer VISE is a simple-to-use, powerful, GUI-based software delivery tool for both Mac and Windows. Installer VISE was the first product to offer web-enabled software delivery for both Mac and Windows. Continuing to break new ground, Installer VISE now offers integrated online selling through the eSellerate e-commerce system.

You can find more information on the Installer VISE at the Mindvision web site.