Is My Back Door Showing: Military Searches For Open Windows

This just in from our iIs My Brass Showing?i department: the U.S. military is checking its Windows installations for backdoors, programs that allow alternate access to computers. According to an article in NewsBytes, the Army and Navy are both conducting reviews of Windows systems in a search for programs which allow unauthorized access or remote control of their systems. This from the NewsByte article titled,US Military Scours Windows Systems For Hacker Back Doors:

An unclassified memo, sent Mar. 6 by the Navyis Computer Incident Response Team (NAVCIRT), warned Navy computer administrators to scan their Windows systems for evidence of a popular commercial software program called RemotelyAnywhere.

"NAVCIRT received several computer incident reports involving the installation of RemotelyAnywhere on compromised computer systems which in turn enables scanning, probing, and compromising of additional DOD systems," said the memo, a copy of which was received by Rob Rosenberger, an independent virus expert who consults to the military on information security matters.

The article goes on to detail how some hackers managed to get into systems using RemoteAnywhere software, but it doesnit say how the software got onto the systems in the first place.