It Is Not A 1.2Ghz Mac, But Xtreme Ships First Product

Remember all the hub-bub about the Xtreme Mac? It was reported to use a revolutionary cooling system to max out currently shipping G4 processors at 1.2Ghz, far surpasing speeds currently produced by Motorola and IBM. That product has yet to see the light of day, but Xtreme has delivered on their promise of shipping a Mac overclocking device, the MacThrust.

Common on the Wintel side of things, overclocking has remained largely for uber-geeks and the remarkably brave-hearted on the Mac side. However, MacThrust promises to make the process mindlessly simple, and generate a 15%-30% performance increase, depending on individual machines and configurations. According to Xtreme:

If you feel that you could use some more speed but donit want to pay big bucks for a new processor. Here is the solution. Itis hardware only, so you can forget all about system conflicts and other software problems. Just Plug-n-Play. After a 10 minute installation you will be up and running at 15-35% higher speed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is MacThrust?
Itis a so-called clock-accelerator.

What is a clock-accelerator?
It is a product that accelerates the speed of the processor. It makes the computer faster by increasing the speed of the processor (CPU).

Does it work with iMac?
No, it does not work with any iMac models.

Does it require any software?
No, software is not required.

Is it possible to over-clock a 233MHz G3 to 500MHz?
No, there are limits to how much a processor can be over clocked. The first obstacle is the heat that increases when the speed increases. At a certain point the processor will overheat. You will find information on the minimum and maximum possible acceleration for each model under "Technical Specifications".

Why does my two identical G3/233MHz accelerate to different speeds?
Over-clocking is possible due to the fact that the speed of the chip is depending on the manufacturing process. The speed printed on the processor is not the same as the maximum speed of the processor. It merely states that it will run at least at that speed.

Will the processor break if it is over-clocked too much?
No, what happens is that the computer wonit start. Then you can configure the MacThrust? for a lower speed and restart.

MacThrust is available for US$59.95. You can find more information at the Xtreme web site.