It's A Quick Life!

We live in a high-tech, high speed world where everything is abbreviated to accommodate our constantly shrinking attention spans. News is segmented in sound bites lasting only so many seconds, the rides at Disney, while fun, last barely a New York minute, and movie makers often opt for more bang in less time, rather than give us a story that actually unfolds in its own time. (Witness the movie, DareDevil; the theatrical release was barely watchable, but the Directoris Cut, available now on DVD, is 30 minutes longer, and is actually quite enjoyable.)

For those who like their life on the run, we at TMO are proud to augment your hurried life style with movies that are right up your alley in this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

The site in question is the oddly named Angry Alien Productions, but donit let that fool you. This site offer theatrical gems that include many of the great movies; Jaws, Alien, The Exorcist, and, in keeping with the current Holiday Season, Itis A Wonderful Life.

Whatis the catch? (You know there is one.)

Angry Alien Productions present all of their movies in 30 seconds, from beginning to end, and they are all re-enacted by bunnies.

Yes, bunnies.

In an odd, Discovery Channel way, the selection of bunnies as characters in these abbreviated movies seems all too appropriate.

Itis A Quick and Wonderful Life!

In any event, pull up a chair for a few minutes and catch 7 movies. We advise that, unless you like it coming out of your nose, you refrain from drinking milk while watching.

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