JVC Develops New Blue-ray/DVD Combo Disc With 33.5 GB Of Storage

JVC has announced new ROM based media capable of storage capacity up to 33.5 GB. The three layered, Blue-ray/DVD combo, features a Blue-ray outside layer for HD signal storage, and a dual-layer standard definition layer beneath. The tri-layer structure provides 25GB in HD, and 8.5 GB of SD information using both blue and red ray lasers.

According to JVC, the advantage of this type of media is that it allows users the ability to purchase a movie with HD playback on an HD television monitor, or playback on a standard television in SD quality. The media effectively covers both display methods in one complete disc. JVC is also currently developing a disc that is both dual layered Blue-ray and dual layered DVD for storage sizes up to 58.5 GB.

You can read find out more about the new combo media at the JVC site.