Jargonary For OS X Now Shipping

The Jargonary Development Team has released an OS X version of Jargonary for Mac users. Jargonary is a resource for computer jargon explanations. The app features support for over 13,000 explanations and search history. According to The Jargonary Development Team:

Jargonary for Mac OS X released!

Jargonary Development Team today released Jargonary for Mac OS X. Jargonary is a dictionary for computer Jargon. It lets you look up a Jargon in the definition database stored in your computer. The database contains explanations for more than 13000 computer Jargons.

Jargonary features:

  • Detailed explanations for more than 13,000 computer Jargons
  • A history feature to retrace your search results
  • Auxiliary definition feature that helps define words within definitions
  • Closest match feature for quick browsing
  • Simple user interface
  • One click connection to WWW, FTP, Email, Newsgroup within definitions

You can find more information about the Jagonary for OS X release at the product home page. Jargonary is available shareware for US$20.00.