Java Version Of E-mail Sorting Tool Released For OS X/Solaris

Michael Nigrin has released jPEE, a Java version of Power Email Extractor for Mac OS X and Solaris. jPEE (and PEE) allow users to sort or extract data from e-mail databases saved as text files. According to Mr. Nigrin:

jPEE for Macintosh OS X has been updated to version 1.3.

jPEE automates removing massive amounts of e-mail addresses, from large text files and directories. For example, a mailbox from an e-mail program saved to disk as a text file, can be accessed by jPEE resulting with all the e-mails contained in that file, sorted and displayed in a list box. Duplicates can be removed with a quick keyboard short cut or from selecting from the menu. Existing text lists can be imported into jPEE, to be sorted or incorporated into larger lists. Once satisfied with the e-mail list makeup, it can be saved as a text file to be imported to a Database or e-mail list server. Itis an indispensable tool for building up personal, business, or educational mailing lists.

This version now allows users ....

  • to extract e-mail addresses from files contained within directories and subsequent sub-directories. Users select the folder from which they would like to extract addresses. The program then recurses to all sub-folders and parses files contained within them, resulting with the addresses neatly stored and sorted in the programis list box.
  • to increase the density of the parsing algorithm.
  • to check the domains of the addresses in the list to verify if they are valid. You may check individual addresses by double clicking on them or run the iVerify domainsi.. menu option under the iWebi menu to automatically check all the domains in the list. You must have an internet connection active to use this feature.

jPEE was created using Apple Developer Tools and Project Builder.

You can find more information on PEE and jPEE at the productis Web site.