Javascript App For New Time Keeping System Available

Just when you thought you had the whole military time thing down, there is a new time keeping system for you to take a peak at called Hora Terrae, The Hora Terrae system is not concerned with time zones, and is designed to provide a current, single time for any location anywhere in the world.

What does this have to do with the Macintosh? Well, nothing really, but we found this very interesting. According to the Hora Terrae Web site:

The Hora Terrae system of telling time, and clocks or watches based on it can make it relatively easy to do all these things. Click here for a working model of the Hora Terrae clock.

Hora Terrae doesnit rely on time zones and time zone offsets and hours of difference to figure the time at a distant location. It gives both you and your friend on the other side of the world one single time of day so that, day or night, you both go by the same time. But unlike other time systems of this sort, it also gives you a way to easily relate the time to the place where you live so that you can use Hora Terrae to set your own daily rhythms. It does this by taking as a basic unit, the median time it takes the earth to rotate one degree in relation to the sun. As the earth rotates 360 degrees in a day, you relate locally to Hora Terrae according to the degrees of longitude where you live. Donit know your longitude? You can look on a map and find it. But, better yet, check out some of the pages on this site that explain just how Hora Terrae works, and donit miss getting a free functioning example of a Hora Terrae clock, available from our Web site.

You can find more information about the Hora Terrae time keeping method, and a link to a functional Hora Terrae clock, at their Web site.