Jobs Confirmed As MACWORLD Tokyo Keynote Speaker

Following Appleis recent trend of using non-US shows as a forum for major announcements, Steve Jobs has been named the keynote speaker for this monthis MACWORLD Expo Tokyo. While nobody knows what Jobs may have in hand for the Mac community, we are likely to hear news of OS Xis progress while the stage is also set for a potential product announcement. According to MACWORLD organizers:

"Steve Jobs who founded and has led this leading technology company will appear again on the stage. We are sure that you will feel the breath of Appleis innovative technology."

At the keynote address that will mark the opening of "Macworld Conference & Expo/Tokyo 2001", a top executive from Apple will speak on the future of the Mac platform.

Look forward to hearing about technology and product reviews that will pave our way into the 21st century. (Admittance to the keynote address is free of charge -- however, seating priority will be given to conference participants and people who have pre-registered for the keynote address.)

MACWORLD Tokyo run from February 22-24th. You can find more information at the MACWORLD Tokyo Web site.