Jobs Gets Paid US$1, Again

Appleis CEO, Steve Jobs, once again was paid a salary of US$1 this past year. A Reuters News Service story states that Mr. Jobsi compensation has not changed since 1999, if one doesnit count the $90 million jet Appleis board of director gave him as a bonus and was counted as compensation in 2000. This from Reuters:

Apple, which saw sales fall 33 percent in the fiscal year ending in September, paid founder and CEO Jobs US$1 again in 2001, the same salary he has drawn since 1999, the company said in its annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission...


Apple bought a US$90-million jet for Jobs in December 1999 as a special bonus. The company had previously reported that payment in 2000, but shifted the recorded payment to 2001 since the plane was transferred to Jobs in the past year, the company said.

Other top Apple execs did "much better" with salaries ranging from US$450,000 for Mr. Tevanian, Appleis Senior Software Engineer, to just under US$660,000 paid to Mr. Fred Anderson, Appleis Chief Financial Officer. These and other Apple execs, including Mr. jobs, also get stock options totalling in the millions.