John Rizzo's "Mac Annoyances" Hits Bookshelves

OiReilly today announced they were releasing book for anyone who has ever experienced the darker side of the Mac called Mac Annoyances.

"Remember how ticked off Dave was when HAL began returning the error message iIim sorry Dave, I canit do thati in i2001: A Space Odysseyi?" asks John Rizzo, the bookis author. "And letis not forget poor Dr. Smithis frustration with that infernal robot nattering, iDanger, Will Robinsoni in iLost in Space.i Talk about your kernel panics!" But Mr. Rizzo adds, no computer is more annoying than the computer sitting on your desk.

The book is aimed at the individual who canit live without a Mac yet canit deal with its fickle temperament. It provides solutions to scores of common problems, and points out previously undocumented tips, tricks, and workarounds designed to drastically improve problem-solving capabilities.

An OiReilly representative said in a statement: "Annoyed Mac users will find that hassles associated with Mac OS X, iLife, Mac hardware, and Microsoft Office (the mother of all annoyances) are all addressed in detail. Also tackled: how to overcome problems related to specific applications such as iTunes, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Appleis Mail program."

Mac Annoyances will sell for US$24.95.