Jon's Phone Tool Updated With Additional AppleScripts

Jonathan Nathan has released an update for Jonis Phone Tool, bringing it to version 1.1.4. Jonis Phone Tool is a utility designed for automated phone dialing. The update adds several new features including a Quick Dial menu and additional AppleScripts. According to Jonathan Nathan:

Jonathan Nathan is pleased to announce that Jonis Phone Tool v1.1.4 has been released.

Jonis Phone Tool is a scriptable phone dialing application. JPT uses either your Macis built-in speakers or the modem to dial a phone number. You can enter a phone number manually or you can use the integrated search tools to find numbers in your Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, or Palm Desktop databases.


  • Added a Quick Dial menu to main window (the drop down menu to the right of the number field with a lightning bolt icon). Use this feature to quickly dial a number from an unlimited list of editable contacts
  • Added direct searching support for Now Contact & Palm Desktop in addition to Address Book and Microsoft Entourage
  • When modified to show in Dock when run, the JPT status menu will not appear. All of JPT’s functions can be found in the main application menus
  • Modified the advanced modem preferences to automatically populate the available device list
  • Modified “JPT Controller” to handle a new event: “hang_up()” (see “Scripting JPT” for more information)
  • Added an example AppleScript for Now Contact
  • Added example AppleScripts for using WireTap or Audio Recorder to record a phone call. Please note: the legality of recording a phone call without disclosing the recording to the other party of the conversation differs from area to area. Please only use this feature in accordance with your local laws and, if in doubt, disclose the recording to the second party before recording
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Updated the help files & screenshots

You can find more information about the Jonis Phone update at the product home page. Jonis Phone Tool is available as freeware.