Jupiter Research Analyst: Three Apple Myths in the Enterprise

Three myths about Apple products still persist in the enterprise, and the truth is that Apple systems now offer a reasonable alternative to Windows, according to Jupiter Research Analyst Michael Gartenberg on Monday.

The first myth is that Macs are more expensive than PCs. "In many cases, comparable Apple systems are priced similarly or in some cases are even cheaper than their competition," Mr. Gartenberg noted.

The second myth is that there is a lack of software for the Mac. The analyst noted that there is actually an abundance of business software now available for the Mac. In addition, the Mac OS X strict adherence to standards means that most Internet-based applications run without changes. "While there might be a specific application lacking that can hold back some deployments, most organizations might never hit that wall," he wrote.

Finally, the Big Myth, is that the Apple architecture is based on proprietary protocols. "While that was certainly true in the past, it is not an accurate portrayal of Apple today," Mr. Gartenberg concluded. "Today, Apple is one of the most standards driven operating systems you can purchase."

The Mac has come a long way since the long distant past of the "Chatty AppleTalk" and network incompatibility myths that were used as convenient, administrative roadblocks by hostile IT managers. Mr. Gartenberg properly pointed out how far Apple has come and the real utility of Mac OS X in the enterprise.

Mr. Gartenbergis final advice: "Apple systems can be a seamless fit for many organizations. Time to get over the myths and take a closer look."