Just In Time To Look Up "Titanium"

Black Cat Systems has updated their Periodic Table of the elements application, The Atomic Mac, to version 4.6.1. The Atomic Mac includes a wealth of useful information about all of the elements on the Periodic Table, and the new version adds even more types of information, including atomic masses. According to Black Cat Systems:

Black Cat Systems has released version4.6.1 of The Atomic Mac, a periodic table of the elements and nucleardatabase for the Macintosh. The latest version fixes several bugs.

In addition, Black Cat Systems is pleased to offer discounts onregistration fees to students, teachers, schools, and other educationalinstitutions.

The latest version adds additional nuclear information, such as atomicmasses, and alpha and beta particle energy.

The Atomic Mac is a periodic table of the elements for theMacintosh. In addition to the usual information found in such programs, TheAtomic Mac also contains a wealth of nuclear information on each isotope,including half life, decay mode, and daughter products. X-ray data(fluorescence and binding energies) is also available. A molecular weightcalculator makes it easy to find the molecular weight of compounds. Ashaded diagram showing the ranges of physical properties makes it easy tovisualize relationships across the periodic table.

The Atomic Mac is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Black Cat Systems Web site.