KC Schools Consider 6,000 Mac Program

The Kansas City school district in Kansas is considering a program that would provide 6,000 Mac laptops to students and teachers. The proposal was unveiled during a board meeting earlier this week, according to the Kansas City Star.

If approved, the deal will cost the district about US$2 million a year for the Macs, as well upgrades for wireless network access, and technical support. The program will also bring computer access to a substantial number of students that otherwise would do without since about half of the district students live in homes without computers.

Deputy superintendent Steve Gering said that the laptop program is designed to use technology to help engage students in new ways. "Itis all about teaching and learning," he said.

The initial cash outlay will come from funds that are already set aside for high school computer upgrades. The first batch of Macs will go to teachers before summer break, and high school students will get their laptops in November. Computers that are already in high schools would be redistributed among elementary and middle schools.

If approved, the program will cost Kansas City schools $8 million over a four year period. The lease agreement is expected to be discussed further during the next two board meetings scheduled for April 24 and May 8.

[Thanks to TMO reader Bob for the heads up.]