Kaidan Shipping iSight Accessory Kit

Kaidan Incorporated is now shipping a new kit for iSight owners. The Kaidan Accessory Kit is designed for expanding the Apple iSight cameras capabilities with wide-angle lens adapters and a desktop tripod. According to Kaidan Incorporated:

Kaidan Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of Photographic VR hardware, announced today the Kaidan Accessory Kit for the Apple iSight Video Camera.

The kit includes a 37mm threaded lens adapter ring/lens shade, a tripod 1/4-20 mounting adapter and a small desktop tripod with extendable legs.

iSight owners can now position their cameras at eye-level without resorting to permanently sticking mounts to their monitors or computers. The adapter ring makes it easy to screw on standard 37mm lenses and/or filters. Thus, the kit is ideal for those who wish to attach a wide-angle lens to get two people into the shot or to obtain a wide view of a room or a scene. Attaching a close-up lens on the iSight opens up many interesting and exciting possibilities for collaboration in scientific and technical applications.

You can find more information about the Kaidan Accessory Kit at the Kaidan Incorporated Web site. The Kaidan Accessory Kit is available for US$49.95.