Kanzu Shipping New Image Info Version

Kanzu Utilities has released a new version of Image Info, bringing it to version 3.0. Image Info is an image search app designed for AppleScripters looking for information contained within images. The latest version features an improved interface and drag and drop support. According to Kanzu Utilities:

Kanzu Utilities has released Image Info version 3.0, a tool for viewing and retrieving detailed info about images.

Image Info can view almost any kind of data about an images including EXIF, IPTC and color profile info, and info about an imageis dimensions, color space, channels, layers, clipping paths, comments and much more.

Because Image Info does not open images to gather info, it can view and retrieve the info very quickly.

Version 3.0 has been completely revised and now presents a new interface where users can easily access all of an imageis info. Image Info fully supports drag and drop - info can be dragged straight into another application, or AppleScripters can writes scripts to retrieve almost any kind of data. A dozen example scripts are included.

You can find more information about the latest version of Image Info at the Kanzu Utilities Web site. Upgrades are available for US$10.00, while the full version of Image Info 3.0 is available for US$35.00.