Kavasoft Updates iConquer With Enhanced Advesaries

Kavasoft has released an update for iConquer, bringing it to version 1.1.1. iConquer is a strategy styled game in the vein of Risk, with world maps and continental domination. The update features improved advesaries and improved network performance. According to Kavasoft:

Kavasoft is pleased to announce the release of iConquer 1.1.1, a game of world conquest for 1 to 6 players designed for MacOS X.

iConquer takes full advantage of the Aqua interface and the Quartz graphics system, displaying stunning visual effects like transparency, drop shadows, and anti-aliasing. The game is played on a detailed map made from a NASA satellite photograph.

iConquer allows up to 6 players to play over the Internet. iConquer can also be played against your computer, using complex artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate ferocious adversaries.

An extensive help system teaches you how to play iConquer and can detect the current state of the game to display contextual advice.

Whatis New in version 1.1.1.:

  • Tougher computer personalities
  • Clearer map borders
  • Improved network performance
  • German language

You can find more information about the iConquer update at the Kavasoft Web site. iConquer is available for US$12.99.