Keep Your Computer Safe From Dust In Style

Computer Skins makes attractive, functional covers for iMacs, G3/G4 towers, monitors, and keyboards. Not only covering the computer to protect it from dirt and grime, computer skins provide a stylish add-on for any home system. According to Computer Skins:

ComputerSkins are custom tailored and offered in transparent clear vinyl with trim colors to match iMac and G3/G4 computers. We also offer 2 tinted vinyl colors and a beautiful nylon/poly blend in 2 colors. Choose a fashionable cover to enhance the decor of your home or office.

All ComputerSkins are made from durable materials and are double-stitched for reinforcement. Our covers protect your computer from lifeis harmful elements keeping your computer clean and safe.

You can find pricing and the full product line at the Computer Skins web site.