Keep Your Pants On: New Version Of Drop Drawers For OS 9, OS X Available

Sig Software has updated their popular desktop organization/program launcher utility, Drop Drawers, for both Mac OS 9 and OS X. Drop Drawers 1.5.5 and Drop Drawers X 1.5.5 provide users with a convenient place to store URLs, images, text clips, files, or programs, and reduce desktop clutter in the process. According to Sig Software:

Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Drop Drawers 1.5.5 for Mac OS 7/8/9 and Drop Drawers X 1.5.5, a native Carbon application for Mac OS X.

Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating drawers to store text, URLs, aliases, scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Versions 1.5.5 adds the ability to add a trash can to clip drawers, Tool Tips to show obscured item names and many other minor new features and improvements. Drop Drawers X 1.5.5 also adds support for high resolution icons in clip drawers, can launch automatically after login and is faster and more memory-efficient than earlier OS X versions.

Drop Drawers is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Sig Software Web site.