Keep Your Scripts In Line, And On Time

Sophisticated Circuits has updated their script automation utility, iDo Script Scheduler, to version 1.1.1. The new version allows users to automate when their scripts run, whether it be on a timed, repeated schedule or on regular intervals. According to Sophisticated Circuits:

Do Script Scheduler lets you create a schedule to run your scripts at any time you choose. You set up schedules by creating "events", which can run scripts one time, or at any repeating interval from minutes to weeks. Each event runs independently of the other events. You can use a different AppleScript in each event, or the same script in several different events. For example, you can run an incremental backup once a week and a full backup once a month.

Not only can you automatically launch your scripts, but each time they run, you can pass a line of parameters to your script. A simple but annoying use of this feature would be to play a beep sound every hour, but play 5 beeps when itis time to go home! More productively, a script that reads a file can be told which filename to look for, letting you use one script for several different files.

And if iDo Script Scheduler isnit automatic enough, it can be controlled via AppleScript. You can suspend and resume events when necessary - perhaps your stock watcher canit get data on holidays or your ISP will be down for maintenance - so your scheduling isnit inflexible.

iDo Script Scheduler is available for US$24.95. You can find more information at the Sophisticated Circuits Web site.