Kensington Announces SlimBlade Mice

Kensington announced its new SlimBlade mice on Monday. The wireless laser mice are available in a range of colors, sport features for presenters and multimedia control, and include rechargable batteries.

Kensingtonis SlimBlade Presenter Mouse

The SlimBlade Media Mouse will be available in burgundy, and will include include two buttons, a scroll ball, and media controls. The SlimBlade Presenter Mouse will be available in deep blue and ice blue with two buttons, a four-way tilt scroll, and a presentation mode. The SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse combines the features of the media and presenter models.

The SlimBlade Media Mouse is priced at US$59.99, the Presenter Mouse costs $49.99, and the Presenter Media Mouse is $79.99. All are available for preorder now.