Kerio Integrates Sophos Anti-Virus Utility Within MailServer

Kerio and Sophos have integrated a new security tool into the Kerio MailServer. The Sophos Anti-Virus engine is a virus protection utility designed for small and medium sized networks. The utility is directly linked to the MailServer core for extended viral detection and elimination. According to Kerio and Sophos:

Kerio, a major provider of Internet security software for small to medium sized networks, and Sophos, a world leader in anti-virus solutions for businesses, today announced support for the Sophos Anti-Virus engine in Kerio MailServer.

When it comes to fighting viruses, the most logical place to start is with email, and there are two places where a company can subject its email to a security inspection: at the mail client and at the mail server. Kerio MailServer is designed to enable easy virus scanning at the server level, elevating email messaging security for corporate environments.

Traditionally, SMTP scanners provide corporations with virus protection at the gateway prior to reaching the email server. Even though most email traffic is indeed transported over the SMTP protocol and therefore goes through the SMTP scanner somewhere along the way, there are scenarios where this assumption fails.

Many corporations provide their users with the comfort of Web-based email. It is important to understand that web mail uses only the HTTP protocol when sending an email from one internal user to another. When a user sends email with an infected attachment to another user utilizing a Web mail tool, the message will be delivered without being scanned since traditional anti-virus engines only monitor the POP3 and SMTP ports.

Kerio MailServer solves this problem by linking the Sophos Anti-Virus engine to MailServer’s core. This solution ensures that all email passing through Kerio MailServer - inbound and outbound as well as internal – is scanned before delivery.

You can find more information about Kerio MailServer at the Kerio Web site. Kerio MailServer licenses are available starting at US$395.00