Keyboard Maestro Gets A Maintenance Update

Michael F. Kamprath has released an update for Keyboard Maestro, bringing it to version 1.2.3. Keyboard Maestro is an OS X hot key utility designed for faster keystroke functionality. The maintenance update features improved Apple Script support and a few bug fixes. According to Michael F. Kamprath:

Michael F. Kamprath is pleased to announce the release of Keyboard Maestro v1.2.3.

For anybody who works on their Mac, Keyboard Maestro is an essential utility to perform many different tasks simply by pressing a few keys. Keyboard Maestro allows you to spend more time working and less time mousing, clicking, and typing to get your work done. Keyboard Maestro has three core features built into it to make working on the Mac much simpler: Hot Keys, Program Switcher, and Clipboard Switcher.

This maintenance release addresses these issues:

  • Extended the Execute Apple Script action to support any compiled OSA script, such as JavaScript
  • Improved application targeting in general, but specifically to fix a bug where macros targeted at Eudora did not work when Eudora was active
  • Improved the speed of hot key responsiveness, macro execution, and the Select Menu Item action execution
  • Fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to navigate in a list caused an "uncaught exception" error dialog to be displayed
  • Updated Xounds audible feedback support for Xounds v1.3 and later

You can find more information about the Keyboard Maestro update at the Keyboard Maestro home page. Keyboard Maestro 1.2.3 is available for US$20.00.