Koingo Shipping Several Updates

Koingo Software has released several new updates for products including Alartm Clock Pro, Contact Keeper, and Font Pilot. Alarm Clock Pro is a virtual alarm clock designed with customizable ring tones and multiple date settings. Contact Keeper is a contact management application, and Font Pilot is a is font management utility. According to Koingo Software:

Just letting everyone know, weive just released a few new updates: Alarm Clock Pro 6.2.1 , Font Pilot 1.1.7 and Contact Keeper 4.1 .

ALARM CLOCK PRO 6.2.1 RELEASE NOTES (inc. version 6.2):

  • Increase time now adds the correct amount of time
  • Defaults buttons in the Preferences window removed (Apple HIG compliance)
  • Can now have a chime ring the current number of times as the hour
  • Check Alarms (will check for upcoming alarms)
  • Alarm media windows now auto close after 1.5 seconds of inactivity
  • Duplicate option for the To Do List module
  • and more...


  • Replaced import/export Palm with vCard import/export. This means itis universally compatible with many applications. Including Address Book, from Apple
  • Added Print Entire List option
  • Copy multiple contacts to clipboard
  • Print multiple contacts (print selected
  • Support for long field content. 4.0 PR lists automatically updated. --> Previously only supported up to 255 character
  • Added Print As Displayed option
  • Added Print Envelope option
  • Ability to remove multiple contacts at once


  • Added toolbar to the main window
  • New Feature: Double click product in updates checker for web url
  • Modification: Search box moved to the toolbar
  • Modification: Search no longer displays message if no results, but beeps instead
  • Some menu items renamed to better comply with Aqua HIG
  • Bold, Underline, and Italic buttons changed into Checkboxes and moved to top of window
  • Fixed possible crash if a corrupt font was present and one was scrolling through the font list

You can find more information about the updates at the Koingo Software Web site.