Koingo Updates Alarm Clock Pro And Password Retriever

Koingo Software has released updates for Alarm Clock Pro and Password Retriever, bringing them to versions 6.2.7 and 4.5.2 respectively. Alarm Clock Pro is a virtual alarm clock designed with customizable ring tones and multiple date settings. Password Retriever is a password management app designed for the secure storing of multiple passwords. The update feature enhancements and bug fixes. According to Koingo Software:

We here at Koingo Software have been extremely busy the last few weeks and have released two updates. The first: Alarm Clock Pro 6.2.7, and the second: Password Retriever 4.5.2.

However, we havenit only been updating our products. Our web site has also been redesigned! Please check it out and send us your suggestions and comments. Alongside the old content, weive also added a Services section. This area contains information pertaining to our Web hosting/design service.

Password Retriever 4.5.2 Released!

  • All program settings are now stored in one file, versus four
  • Logging records invalid password attempts
  • Edit/New Service window size problem fixed
  • Service default icon is now grey instead of orange
  • Dragging a service to the desktop no longer uses the wrong text encoding for the file name
  • All old registration codes are still valid, however you must re-enter it. This was done to make sure everyone who has registered has their code on-hand

Alarm Clock Pro 6.2.7

  • Window menu now correctly lists floating windows
  • Main window height & width remembered
  • Created Alarm Menu which sits in your menu bar, displays all alarms. Will launch Alarm Clock Pro when an alarm is about to ring

You can find more information about the updates at the Koingo Software Web site. The updates are free for registered users, while the full versions are available for US$15.95 each.