Koingo Updates Software Line With Jag Support

Koingo Software has released updates for the entire Koingo software line of products. The updates now bring Jaguar support to products like Alarm Clock Pro and Password Retriever. According to Koingo Software:

Since the release of Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2), many Mac OS X developers have had to scramble to achieve full compatibility. Weire happy to announce that all our software is currently Jaguar compatible.

This includes:

  • Alarm Clock Pro 5.7.1 our digital alarm clock solution
  • Blaze 1.5.5 a fully featured text editor
  • Contact Keeper 4.0b95 a powerful replacement for Appleis Address Book (still in beta, but very functional)
  • Font Pilot 1.0.1, the best font viewing application the web has to offer at no cost
  • Mystery Island II 1.6.1, the only game which features astonishing 3D graphics presented in a Myst-like style for a sci-fi adventure
  • Password Retriever 3.7.1, the answer to all your password storage needs
  • PTE 3.0, the compact periodic table handy to any chemistry student
  • Christmas Super Frog 1.6.1, a frogger-style game based on saving Christmas

You can find more information about the the updates at the Koingo Software Web site.