Konfabulator Updated With Konspos? Enhancements

Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke have released a maintenance update for Konfabulator, bringing it to version 1.7.1. Konfabulator is a JavaScript engine designed for creating desktop Widgets. The update features Konsposé enhancements and improved performance. According to Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke:

Want to configure Konsposéis hot key? Want to change Konsposéis background? Want to make your Widgets only show up in Konsposé?

Not a problem!

Konfabulator 1.7.1 allows you to do all those, and includes fixes for lots of user reported bugs and issues.

Some of whatis new and fixed in this release:

  • Added preference panel to gear menu with options for setting the Konsposé key and whether to use a simpler Konsposé for slower machines
  • Fixed painting glitch when a <text> object that overlaps a rotated image is updated
  • Fixed scrolling <text> objects that display a lot of text
  • Greatly improved handling of explicitly labelled encodings of data loaded with URL.fetch() (see Release Notes)
  • Fixed long-standing "transparent background pops through" bug with <textarea> objects
  • Fixed weird focus behavior with <textarea> in opacity tracking mode
  • Added optionValue preference attribute (see Release Notes)
  • Fixed several problems with convertUNIXPathToHFS()
  • Widget preferences windows now display a smaller version of themselves if there are many preferences on a small screen
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Fixed problem with encoding of extended characters in AppleScripts
  • Implemented font fallbacks (see Release Notes)

You can find more information about the Konfabulator update at the Konfabulator Home Page. Konfabulator is available as freeware.