Kuwan.net Releases Beta Version Of HyperSpell Checker

Kuwan.net has released a beta version of HyperSpell version 1.0b1. HypeSpell is a spell checking utility designed for providing instant access to OS Xis built-in spell checker. The app features an Aqua interface and control-click functionality. According to Kuwan.net:

Today Kuwan.net announced HyperSpell for Mac OS X.

HyperSpell is a convenient menuling that gives you instant access to Mac OS Xis built-in spellchecker. All you do is click on HyperSpellis icon in the menu bar and enter the word, or words, that you want spellchecked.

Words that are misspelled appear with a red underline. You can then control-click (or right-click) on the misspelled words to reveal a list of possible spellings.

You can find more information about the HyperSpell beta release at the Kuwan.net Web site. HyperSpell 1.0b1 is available as freeware.

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