LA Times & Chicago Tribune Report Good Things About New iMac

James Coates of the Chicago Tribune calls the new iMac, "smooth", and LA Timesi Jim Heid compares the new iMac and a Gateway 500SE in two new mainstream articles that offer some outstanding exposure to Apple. Better yet, both authors like what they see.

James Coates gives an in-depth review of the new consumer Mac in his article titled,Smooth, eye-catching iMac delivers the goods, saying:

I put the iMac through its paces and everything worked. The machine comes with a bulging pantry of software that includes all of the productivity and entertainment most of us could ever want. Bundled AppleWorks 6 offers serious word processing, an Excel-quality spreadsheet, a powerful database, a PowerPoint-type slide show manager and drawing.

Over on the West Coast, in his article titled,A Study in Contrasts, Jim Heid compares the new iMac with a similarly configured Gateway 500SE. Both machines are competent, but he gives the ultimate advantage to the iMac, concluding:

I use both Macs and Windows XP computers daily, and the Mac is less frustrating, less commercially intrusive and more elegant. Quite simply, itis a better computer.

Both articles are good reads. Both articles can be found at Appleis Hot News site.