LCedit+ Lighting Editor Updated

CDS advanced technology bv has released an update for LCedit+, bringing it to version 3.2.1. LCedit+ is a lighting editor designed for use in theaters and museum environments. The update features new UDP tabs and UDP broadcasting among other enhancements, as well as a new version of the firmware that accompanies the software. According to CDS advanced technology bv:

This new version of LCedit+ adds, besides bug fixes, new pdf documentation, some new features for the LanBox-LCX, LanBox-LCE and LanBox-LCM. The most important feature is the new v2.01 firmware which adds e.g. fast bulk data transfer via UDP over Ethernet on the LCX and LCE.

Supports up to 3072 channels on a LanBox-LCX

  • New UDP tab in global settings, in order to set UDP broadcast of mixer channels, and to configure distributed universes with multiple LCXs (or LCX + multiple LCEs)
  • The working of the cuelist editor is greatly improved, especially for theatre applications
  • and more..

Whatis new in LCX/LCE/LCM v2.01 firmware:

  • Firmware v2.01 supports UDP broadcasting, and UDP based bulk data receiving on the LCX and LCE. This makes distributed universes over EtherNet, and high speed bulk communication with third party applications (like MAX, Capture 3D) possible. Capture, 3D visualizer is now standard supporting LanBox UDP
  • Changing the chase speed now also changes the fade speed of the steps
  • Relaxed MIDI controller requirements for the Go command. Controller 21, 53, 86 and also bankselect + program change do not need to be tight together anymore, but can be send at any moment

You can find more information about the LCedit+ update at the CDS advanced technology bv Web site. LCedit is available as freeware.