LaCie Expands Mobile Hard Drives to 250 GB

LaCie announced on Monday that their line of on-the-go Mobile Hard Drives has been expanded to include a 250 GB model. The drives are bus powered which makes them very portable.

Previously, the largest capacity was 160 GB. The Mobile Hard Drives design by F.A. Porsche now have the largest capacities available in a portable drive, at a low price per gigabyte. Features include:

  • Weighs less than desk of cards
  • Bundled with LaCie backup software
  • USB2 or USB2 and FireWire 400 options

LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

The USB2 only drive is priced at US$239.99 and the USB2 plus FireWire 400 is priced at US$269.99. Availability is mid-July.