Lacie Launches 2 TB Ethernet Big Disk

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Lacie has launched its Ethernet Big Disk with a 2 TB capacity. Access is via gigabit Ethernet on a network or local attached storage via USB.

The Ethernet Big Disk is designed for home and small office use. A second USB port can be used for connecting an additional hard drive to expand capacity, but only when connected over a network. An installation wizard helpds novice users connect to any wired or wireless network.

Ethernet Big Disk

The device is fully supported for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. When connected to a home network, the LaCie Ethernet Big Disk can stream multimedia content to UPnP-compatible AV adapters.

The 2 TB version is priced at US$1099.00 while the 1 TB unit is priced at $319.99. Pre-order is available now for availability in mid-June.

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