LapCop 2.0 Now Shipping

SweetCocoa has released a new version of LapCop, bringing it to version 2.0. LapCop is a stealth security utility designed for the prevention of computer theft. The latest version now send alert emails from a secure server for improved delivery of necessary information. According to SweetCocoa:

SweetCocoa is proud to announce LapCop 2 a new version of its innovative stealth software application.

In case your Mac gets stolen, LapCop secretly transmits an electronic beacon to an e-mail address of your choice. This stealth e-mail, containing the internet route to your Mac, together with information about its network settings, provides enough information to accurately track your Mac geographically.

LapCop 2 adds a lot of new features. The most important one is that LapCop 2 no longer sends the stealth e-mail itself. LapCop 2 contacts our dedicated LapCop monitoring server and sends it all necessary information. Then, our server compiles and sends the stealth e-mail. That way, the process of sending a stealth e-mail no longer depends on SMTP servers and is 100% reliable.

Additionally, LapCop 2 sends extra useful information, such as the serial number of the stolen mac, and the IP address of the router the stolen mac is using.

You can find more information about the latest LapCop release at the SweetCocoa Web site. LapCop 2.0 is available for US$25.00.