Last Chance To Save On iListen

MacSpeech has announced that their flagship product, iListen, will be available for US$99 only until February 15th. After that, iListen will be available for its original suggested price of US$139. iListen allows users to dictate into their Mac anywhere they would otherwise type, and adds an array of control and command features, providing users with even greater flexibility on how they choose to interact with their Mac. According to MacSpeech:

Macintosh Speech Recognition authority MacSpeech announced today that its $99 introductory offer for iListen 1.0.1 will expire on Thursday February 15th.

"iListen has been well received since its release last November,2 said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. 3We want to make sure people have every opportunity to purchase it at the introductory price."

iListen allows users to dictate into virtually any Macintosh application, and has full Command & Control features that allow users to control their Mac with their voice. iListen has a suggested retail price of $139.

You can find more information about iListen at the MacSpeech Web site.