Latest Edition Of The WPDFD Site Available

The January issue of Web Page Design For Designers is posted, and full of its usual array of reviews, tips, and information. This month examines how the use of white space can greatly improve web sites, and take a peak at the new Dreamweaver 4. According to WPDFD:

Comment: Breaking With Convention
For designers, conventions and old wivesi tales should be taken with a pinch of salt but fresh ideas are not always appreciated, you have to be able to justify them too.

Mini Review: Dreamweaver 4
Version 4 of this brand-leading Web page editor overcomes many of its previous weaknesses with a much improved interface, text editor and the ability to insert Flash-style text and buttons.

TopTip: White Space Exploration
Find out how nothing at all can improve your Web pages immensely.

MINI 7 Fonts:
Now a complete TrueType font family for Mac and PC. Great for buttons, navbars, icons and any situationn where you need very small, readable text.

You can find all of this information at the Web Page Design For Designers web site.