Learn More About IRC With "IRC Hacks" Book From O'Reilly

OiReilly has published a new book called IRC Hacks, a book all about getting the most our of IRC, or Internet Relay Chat. IRC is, in part, a chat system that also allows for file transfers, and all manner of scriptability and customization. For instance, TMO has an IRC channel where you can hang out with other Observers. OiReillyis new book is intended to help you take your IRC experience to whole new levels. From OiReilly:

The book starts with the basics of using and enhancing IRC clients, then delves into the protocols, services, and networks beneath the surface, and culminates with building autonomous IRC clients, or "bots." Readers will learn how users, channels, services, servers, and networks fit into the IRC puzzle and gain a thorough understanding of the IRC protocol along the way. The book explains how to:

-Connect to IRC using an assortment of popular IRC clients across a variety of platforms -Alter and augment the way your favorite IRC client works -Find channels and networks of channels relevant to your interests, and get to know the people who populate the realm of IRC -Write IRC bots using Perl, Java, and Python; discover libraries designed to simplify the process of writing autonomous agents -Create bots to log user activity, keep context, bookmark URLs, serve as a community memory, search the Internet, and more -Link bots together across channels and networks -Run your own standalone IRC server or network of servers; gateway IRC to the MSN, ICQ, and AIM instant messaging systems

Perhaps youive never before set foot in an IRC channel or perhaps you spend far too much time there already; whatever your IRC experience is, IRC Hacks will help you make the most of it.

The book is priced at US$24.95. OiReilly is offering some sample hacks at its Web site, where you can also found more information on the book.