Legally Blonde's Statement Of "Difference" & An Osmosis Resemblance

Observer Peter Kline sent us a note about Legally Blonde, the recent Reese Witherspoon comedy in which she plays a supposedly stupid girl who sheens off to Harvard in pursuit of her ex-boyfriend. In that movie, Observer Peter tells us that a Tangerine iBook figures prominently as a symbol of thinking differently. From Peter:

Speaking of orange. In the film, "Legally Blonde" the heroine, Elle, played by Reese Witherspoon, is accepted to Harvard Law School. When appearing in her first class she has only a heart-shaped notepad and a pen with a feather attached. Unfortunately under prepared, she is smack in the middle of a classroom full of students with IBM Thinkpads and other laptops. Eventually she goes to the Harvard Co-op and purchases a computer. In the ensuing scene she is in the middle of the classroom with her brand-new tangerine iBook surrounded by a sea of black laptops.

Observer Tim Holt dropped us a note about the Bill Murray/Chris Rock animated movie, Osmosis. This really isnit a Mac sighting, but it is a fine example of how much Appleis industrial design permeates the psyche of our culture. From Tim:

Well, it isnit exactly an iMac, but in the movie "Osmosis Jones" the cartoon city inside Bill Murrayis body only has computers that are all-in-one form factors that look very much like iMacs and even have indigo as the main color. This is very apparent in the Mayoris Office (voiced by William Shatner) and in the police station.

Thanks to both Tim Holt and Peter Kline for their quick eyes and faster fingers. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.