Lego My Mac! Lego Mac On The Auction Block

Mac users love their Macs, and itis amazing to watch the lengths theyill go to keep from tossing out an old Mac. Even if the poor machine seems beyond repair, Mac users often find a creative new way to make use of the old.

Take Daniele Procida: According to a BBC News report, Daniele could not bear to part with a broken PowerBook 5300. So instead of offering up the old laptop to the Landfill Gods, Daniele resurrected it, in Legos. From the BBC News Story The Mac that Lego built:

Mac addict Daniele chanced upon the bizarre notion when a PowerBook 5300 laptop was brought to his Apple Juice consultancy. I canit bear to see Macs thrown away - this seemed appropriate Daniele Procida With a broken video connector, it was virtually irreparable. "Rather than bin it, which seemed to me to be an almost criminal waste, I took it home to see what could be done," said the former philosophy lecturer. "My childrenis Lego provided the answer." He removed the machineis electronic innards from its laptop case and sealed it in a base unit made entirely from the childrenis plastic toy, borrowed from twins Anselmo and Tommaso, both six. The result was as colourful and quirky a computer conversion as anyone is likely to find, complete with Appleis much-loved smiley face and Lego flowers.

Check out the full story at BBC News. You can also find the auction directly on eBay. As of this writing, the auction was up to £235.00 (US$381..05).