LeoBairn.com Kicks Windows To Da Curb

LeoBairn.com has made the switch from Windows based software development to solely an Apple outfit. The company has announced the release of the first Mac based app, called Picture Browser 3.1. Picture Browser is a QuickTime movie viewer designed for creating playlists or slide shows from a users digital content. According to LeoBairn.com:

At one time LeoBairn.com only made specialized applications for corporate IT customers running Windows. Then, last year, one company hired LeoBairn.com to create a special project for the Mac OS. Since then, the idea of working with Macs has changed the lives of everyone at the company.

Today we are proud to announce that because we believe in the power of Appleis digital hub strategy, we are henceforth not planning any Windows versions of our titles.

We have just released the first of our major titles for the Mac OS. It is called Picture Browser 3.1 and it is the only image viewer made for people who have big collections of movies and images downloaded from newsgroups and websites.

That is the whole point of Picture Browser - whether on OS X or 9, anybody can use Picture Browseris tools to do things like easily viewing their image collection as a slideshow.

You can find more information about Picture Browser at the LeoBairn.com Web site. Picture Viewer 3.1 is available for US$15.00.