Leo Bodnar Posts Instructions on Overclocking a Mac mini

Leo Bodnar has published a short article showing you how to overclock Appleis new Mac mini. The Mac mini ships in two configurations, 1.25GHz and 1.42GHz, and Mr. Bodnar was able to overclock his 1.25GHz unit to 1.42GHz.

Overclocking is the art of using a computeris motherboard to change the speed of its processor. Overclocking is very popular in the high-performance PC world, but is comparatively rare in the Mac world as Appleis motherboards often do not have the same jumper options available in the x86 market.

One reason for this may be that overclocking can ruin a processor, and thus your Mac, and Apple likes to control its user experience. In addition, many Macs are sold based solely on their different speeds, something else that Apple likes to control.

Accordingly, and this shouldnit really need to be said, overclocking your Mac will void your warranty.

Leo Bodnaris article is very short, and to the point, but does contain a photograph of the jumpers you need to use to change your Mac miniis speed, and a few tips on what he found when he did it.